New Class Of 2012 Graduation Invitation and Announcement Printable Design Templates

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If you’re a fellow student or dad or mom who definitely are finding your way through this particular memorable party, why purchase some prepackaged not to mention dull invites, when you might set up a really wonderful totally free graduation invitations with pic cards crafted by you, utilizing unique photos, and tailored with the selection of designs, ideas, fonts, colours, along with your original style. In contrast to delivering a similar thing everyone else is mailing, your invitations is going to be one of a kind souvenirs of this life changing occasion.

Party Invitations

We have now a huge selection of styles in numerous color themes. All of these can be tailored utilizing your personal wording, colors, and picture. The design software on our website allow you include very own details to your invites. You’ll be able to upload your own private pix, compose your own private graduation poems, and also select your own background colors to produce classy and stylist invitation in only a few min.

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Party Invitations

Party Invitations

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Very simple. Are you having a party at all?

Usually your school provides packages with such things but if they were overpriced, I understand why you didn't go with them.

Michaels has plain stationary. You buy it (in the wedding section) and just print your full name is graduating Blah High School, on the 7th of June, two thousand and ten.

Are you inviting people? I know my school provided 7 tickets and that was all the people you could invite. Then we had a gathering at my house afterwards with the whole family. So if you are doing anything like that, you'd send out an invite to celebrate the party.

There are lots of good stationary stores online but they sell by the 25 and the first 25 is the most expensive. You'd be better off going to Michael's and buying a Make Your Own Invitations package.


Just that, explain that it is an adults only party and emphasize that it's at a sports BAR.

If you need to, say that the bar doesn't allow children.

Possible invites:
'Adults only please.'
'Please leave children at home as we are at a sports bar.'
'Sports bar not a suitable place for children, please leave them at home.'



When I graduated from undergrad I didn't have a party or anything…didn't even go to commencement. For my graduate degree I sent out announcements, "walked" and had a HUGE party and it felt much better…like I had accomplished something, was proud of MYSELF and wanted everyone to celebrate with me.

I think you VERY MUCH deserve to do all of this!!! It doesn't matter if you are married with children and went back later in life…if anything that makes you THAT much more in need of acknowledging that you are WONDER WOMAN!!! Definitely…celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is about taking ONE day to be proud of yourself and sharing that with your family (and not to mention a HUGE incentive for your children to look up to you for!!). Don't be silly…do it!!!


You run a bit of a risk printing the invite on the back side as most announcements are one-sided and some people may not even turn over your announcement. If you want to go with a printed announcement and invite, you could print the traditional graduation announcement and then include a printed card with the invite that would be in the same envelope as the invitation.

You could also use an online announcement site to create and send your announcement and invite together. Below is a sample site. You can post it on the site but if you're going to include an invite, I'd recommend sending it privately.

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