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Funny Wedding Invitation Wording


what do you think about starting your wedding invitation with something like below :)  Don’t you think they would make some pretty funny wedding invitation wording?

When a man is single, he is incomplete.
When a man gets married, he is finished.

She offered her honour,
he honoured her offer,
and all night he was on her and off her.

Congratulations on your special day,
Love Pa Farkin, Ma Farkin,
and the whole Farkin Family.

We’ve tried him in every position,
hope you have more luck.
The {local} netball/football team

Don’t keep him in the dog house too often or he might give his bone to the girl next door.

Don’t spring on the inner spring this spring or there’ll be an off-spring next spring.

If the stork brings babies which bird won’t?
A swallow.

There are three rings in a marriage:
The Engagement Ring
The Wedding Ring
The Suffering!!!

These were sent to us by Patrick Hamilton and his idea of weddings risqué telegrams. We will definitely add it as part of our site when we have the resources. Thanks Patrick.  If you have any funky wedding invitation of your own, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll post it on our future posts.


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