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Free Wedding Invitation Templates & Save the Date Cards


When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, nothing is more important than the invitations and cards that you send to your guests. You want to make a statement, but you also want to avoid breaking the bank. That’s where free wedding invitations templates and save the date cards can come in very handy for all of your wedding needs. Whether you’re planning a big wedding, a family affair, or the party of the century, you can do just that and get creative and unique styles of free invitation templates and save the date cards right from your computer.

What’s the catch with free invitation templates and save the date cards?

There is no catch. With so many different styles to choose from, the only catch will be the invitation and save the date card that catches your eye. The selection of templates makes it easy for you to create the perfect invitation that is creative, unique, and best of all, free! What more could you ask for? The important nature of these cards is well known, but you shouldn’t let them take over your wedding. Use free invitation templates and save the date cards, and save the stress and the money for other parts of your big day. Free invitation templates will give you one less thing to worry about, which is a blessing for anyone who is planning a wedding.

WIR-1099 Save The Date Card

WIR-1099 Save The Date Card

WIR-1037 Wedding Thank You Card

WIR-1037 Save The Date Card

With so many different things to think about on your big day, the last thing that you want to deal with is spending a lot of money and time inviting people to the event. They need to be invited, but not in such style that it costs you a fortune or a lot of time to get your invitations perfect. Don’t rely on someone else. Use free invitation templates and save the date cards and rely on yourself to get the perfect wedding invitations and other printable items that you need.

Free invitation templates and save the date cards are just the beginning. You can find almost all of the printable items that you need for your wedding online for free, including thank-yous, invitations, save the date cards, table name cards, menu cards, and more. Find free invitation templates and save the date cards online and save yourself a ton of hassle. Don’t let wedding woes get you down. Get free invitation templates and save the date cards today, and move on with your dream wedding faster.


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HI, I have found and created my wedding invitations but when I click download now all it does is bring up a box saying saving design….waiting for conformation blog


hi Angela, you might have had a connection issue, just hit refresh and try again.


We spent ages looking on the internet for some inexpensive save the date cards that were different. We ended up ordering from

We ordered 60 of their frosted clear save the date cards with metallic silver foiling – they look lovely.

I’ll try to take a good picture and see if I can upload it.

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