New Class Of 2012 Graduation Invitation and Announcement Printable Design Templates

Electronic Graduation Invitations


For anybody who is a college student or even grandparent who are finding your way through this specific special event, why pay for a set of packaged not to mention uninteresting invitations, when you can make a perfect free graduation invitations with pic cards designed by you, applying special pictures, and personalized with the selection of designs, patterns, fonts, colours, plus your one-of-a-kind concept. Instead of mailing a similar thing most people are delivering, your own invites would be special souvenirs of the life changing celebration.

Electronic Graduation Invitations

Electronic Graduation Invitations

Now we have many hundreds of designs in numerous color styles. All of which can be customised utilizing your own wording, colors, and pic. The design software on the website allow you add more very own touches to your invitations. You can add your own personal photos, compose your own graduating verses, and also pick your own background tone to make an exquisite and stylist party’s invitation in just a couple min.The actual high quality Pdf file file download from enables you to print on a home inkjet or your regional printe. Shop right now and also browse through our selection of free graduation invitations to see the suitable format for your festivities

Electronic Graduation Invitations

Electronic Graduation Invitations

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You can be selective about who goes to what BUT it could get uncomfortable if its not as simple as family and friends go to the ceremony – family only to the celebration – which I am guessing not what you want.

Else people will find out and start wondering why they weren't invited to the party.

Its not a comparison really – sorry to bring you down:) – but at my Mum;'s funeral we just went around people after the service as people were obviously still milling around and asked them to come back for a drink and some food at my sisters. We invited family and those closest to us BUT can't see that really working in this instance.

SO – assuming you invite all to both.


I would be honoured if you would join me to celebrate my Graduation on <date>.

This is a special day that I have worked towards for XXXX years and I would love to have you come and celebrate with me.

Graduation: From XXXXX p.m.
Address Line One

Parking is available xxxxxxxxx

I am also holding a small party afterwards and would love to see you there if you are able attend to and celebrate this next amazing step in my life.

Address Address Address Parking etc

In lieu of gifts please make a donation to <Favourite Charity>

Please RSVP via email to xxxxxxx by <date> and advise if you are able to attend both the Graduation and party or just the Graduation.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards…

Small party – perhaps the SMALL will get it across and some people won't feel so obligated to come to both.

The RSVP also allows people to make a choice

Charity thing is up to you – not sure if people give gifts for graduations in your country – if they do please have them give a donation to K9 and Friends, Duabi, UAE :) – my local pet shelter.

So hope that has helped.



OMG! Dude you just wrecked your whole life by playing video games, in the real world there is no such thing as a re do. have fun NOOB!


RT Ron Seymours BBQ was awesome. Such a great man. Says a lot about a person who invites students for a graduation BBQ. Going to miss him.


is the party being thrown by you
your parents
a long lost uncle who happens to be rich and wants to make it up to you by throwing your graduation party…?

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