New Class Of 2012 Graduation Invitation and Announcement Printable Design Templates

Templates Graduation Announcement Orders


Templates Graduation Announcement Orders

Templates Graduation Announcement Orders
Read much more templates graduation announcement orders right here at website,

For anybody who is a college student or maybe parent or guardian that are finding your way through this particular wonderful occasion, why spend money on a set of commercially prepared not to mention uninteresting invitations, when you might come up with a really wonderful absolutely free graduation invitations with picture cards built by you, applying special images, and tailored with your choice of designs, concepts, fonts, colors, plus your exceptional template. Rather than delivering exactly the same thing everyone else is mailing, your invitations is going to be exclusive mementos of this life changing experience.

Templates Graduation Announcement Orders

We have many hundreds themes in numerous color selection styles. All of these could be tailored using your own personal text message, colors, and pic. The design software on the web site allow you add personalized variations to your invitations. You’ll be able to add your own private images, write your special graduation passages, and choose your background colors to make a classy and stylist party invitation in just a few minutes.Any high resolution PDF print file you download from can be used to produce with a home inkjet or any local printe. Shop right now and also look through through our gallery of free graduation invitations to get the perfect layout for your celebrations

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Templates Graduation Announcement Orders

Templates Graduation Announcement Orders

View additional templates graduation announcement orders listed here at Design Betty


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Invitations are for those in the area or those who you will have space for at the ceremony. Announcements are generally for those a little further away, those with difficulty traveling, or busy people.

As for the envelopes:
Outer envelope, the one with the gummed flap, is the mailing envelope. It should be hand-addressed using black or blue ink. It should be formal (Mr./ Ms.) and just serve as the holder to the smaller envelope.

The inner envelope, the one without the gummed flap, holds the announcement, graduation picture, etc. It should be addressed informally (Dad/ Grandma) and has the seal placed on it.

Congrats on your accomplishment!

well umm send an invite


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