New Class Of 2012 Graduation Invitation and Announcement Printable Design Templates

Create Graduation Invitations Free


Create Graduation Invitations Free
See much more create graduation invitations free listed here at DesignBetty

In case you are a university student and / or maybe grandparent who’re preparing for this amazing wonderful occasion, why decide to buy some packaged uninspiring invitations, when you can try to make just the right 100 % free graduation invitations with pics cards made by you, utilizing special photos, and personalized with your choice of templates, patterns, fonts, colors, plus your creative concept. Compared to sending the same most people are delivering, your invitations will be exclusive souvenirs of the life changing celebration.

Create Graduation Invitations Free

Create Graduation Invitations Free

We’ve got numerous concepts in various color selection themes. These all may be tailored along with your individual copy, colors, and image. The design software on our web site allow you create very own variations to your invites. You’ll be able to upload your own pix, compose your special graduating passages, and decide on your background colour to build a beautiful and stylist invites in only a few min’s.Any hi-res PDF download from may be used to print out with a home inkjet printer or any nearby printe. Shop now and also search through gallery of free graduation invitations to see the perfect theme for your festivities

Create Graduation Invitations Free

Create Graduation Invitations Free

Look at many more create graduation invitations free listed here at DesignBetty


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lots of tutorials for making invitations here

there's freebie graduation printables too.
your best bet is to use this tutorial and photoshop and print at vistaprint for cheap as postcards (no more than $10 for 200 at the moment unless you want to rush order.) use or gimp instead of photoshop to make them for free instead of PS.

Or use that tutorial and print them yourself on cardstock.


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Your letter is perfectly understandable as it stands. Good work. (How's that for positive talk?) I am reluctant to fix it because I think it will tempt your prospective guest more the way it is, but if you want…

Dear Peter Lee,

I am a design student from XXX University. I am working on a design project called POSITIVE TALK that aims to encourage people to think positively through positive talk. The idea for my project was inspired by seeing that our "after-80s" youth think too negatively and that some of them use violence to solve problems. Although I was born in late 80s, I have a different point view from theirs. First, I admire you, and I hope that with your help I can promote a good positive atmosphere in Hong Kong through my creative method. It would give a great boost to my design project if you could say something positive in my short film. In my design project, I will create a platform via the Internet to promote positive thinking. I will create short film which records Hong Kong people speaking something to encourage our after-80s. I will perhaps invite some after-50s to speak some positive words to encourage our after-80s youth. I will interview people in Hong Kong.

I would be grateful if you could say something positive to our Hong Kong teenagers. I think my short film would be a good platform for sharing your positive talk among our designers and artists, the people who work in the creative industry. My POSITIVE TALK project will be shown at the graduation ceremonies of XXX University. It will also be shown at the designer show in XXX during June. Finally, I will put the short film up on the POSITIVE TALK website.

I hope you can spend a few minutes to talk positively to us. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at 91231234. It would only take a few minutes to say your positive words.

Yours sincerely,
Agnes Lee


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