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With all the online resources, it is a lot quicker and easier to find or create cheap wedding invites. With a bit of research and creativity you can save hundreds of not thousands of dollars on wedding invitations alone. Don’t worry if you are not a designers, you can get plenty of ideas for design themes just by searching online. If you have a design or publishing program in your computer, you can start with some ideas you see online and customize it to your style and needs.

cheap wedding invites

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DesignBetty goes the extra mile and not only provide you with wedding invite design ideas but also and online design software that allow you to personalize your invitations right on the website. You can choose from hundreds of design theme and then customize even more with your colors, text, and photos. Keep things elegant and simple though, just because the invitation is free or cheap doesn’t mean it needs to look cheap with overcrowded text and images with unpleasant colors. Less is more and always keep things simple. Once you have the design, you will need nice paper or card stock to print the invites on. You can find these at any Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Hallmark, Office Depot, or even Kinkos. The nicest card stock should not cost you more than $25 or $50. Grab some nice envelopes while you are there. Find something that complement your invitation design and color theme.

You can print on these using your own ink jet printer or bring them to Office Depot or Kinkos for a more professional printing service. Again, this should not cost you more than $25. That’s it, you can keep things simple, cheap, easy and complete your invitation project in a day or two spending less than $50 with just a bit of time and effort. Save the extra money for a nice honeymoon! Click here to view our collection of affordable wedding invites, many of them are even free.


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